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ArIN - Artificial Intelligence Literacy for inclusion in the digital age

While technology embeds in any area of our daily lives, its rapid evolution has not gone hand in hand with an increase in the skills and abilities of users.

86% of Europeans aged 16-74 used the Internet regularly​​

42% still lack the minimum basic digital skills

Efforts are necessary to improve the level of digital literacy of all people, understood as the ability to relate to today’s society: find a job, order a takeout, or carry out negotiations with our bank. Similarly, Artificial Intelligence Literacy also becomes increasingly necessary, as AI systems become more integrated into our daily lives.

The term AI is highly influenced by the imaginary generated by science fiction, and is linked to robots or virtual assistants, minimizing its real scope of expansion at all levels, and thus amplifying the risks and dangers derived from it. The manipulation of information and, therefore, of society, the invasion of privacy, or discrimination and bias issues are some of these risks.


The digital transition profoundly changes the way we live, study and work. We must equip people with the right skills to master this transition and make the most out of the opportunities the future brings.” 

- Margaritis Schinas, EC Vice-President for Promoting European Way of Life