About ArIN


The project initiative arises in an environment highly influenced by technology and digitization that has taken off as a result of the mobility restrictions imposed by the pandemic situation. Lockdowns have occurred in most European countries, for weeks or even months, forcing an unwanted isolation that has led most European adults to increase the use of technologies. In this context, training deficiencies have become even more evident, which to a large extent affect all facets of life in a transversal way when it comes to the use and interaction of artificial intelligence.


This project’s main objective is to improve the level of competences of European adults and to make them literate in Artificial Intelligence.

Other objectives are:

To contribute to create an all-inclusive ecosystem where all European adults count on the basic skills needed to pursue further learning to better adapt to a changing world where AI will be prevalent.

To innovate in the field of adult education by closing the gap about knowledge, skills and competences on a forward-looking field, such as Artificial Intelligence is.

To empower adults for a critical and secure use of AI systems, increasing their levels of literacy and awareness of AI risks and dangers.

To seize the potential of ICT and game-based education, to design engaging and motivating training resources addressing adult audiences.

To promote digital inclusion and digital active citizenship for European adults, especially those with fewer opportunities.

To increase the capacity and readiness of the adult trainers and organizations to offer up-to-date training opportunities and programmes addressing the topic of AI literacy.

To provide a new upskilling pathway in the field of AI literacy, offering a training programme based on a levelled system, in which lower qualified adults can progress towards higher levels of AI competences.


The target groups of ArIN project are:


Adult trainers

Adult training provider organizations